Hardwood Flooring is Hard Work!

Anyone who says hardwood flooring is easy, has clearly never done it before! Hardwood floors are more expensive than most others flooring right? Why is that? Well let me tell you why….I can sum it up in two words. HARD LABOR! For the installation alone you have to bend over and place every board in place. Follow that up with hitting the nail gun or staple gun over and over again to ensure the staples are going in correctly and in place. Once the wood is installed then you must handscrape it. Yes it is as horrible as it sounds. Hands down handscraping is the hardest part (pun intended). Then you must sand it. The majority of the sanding can be done with the belt sander (which is easy right?) but all the places the belt sander can’t reach must be done by hand with the edger. The staining process is mostly done with a small applicator and from your hands and knees with rags.

The process is tough for sure. It is not for everyone. Here is a video to help you understand the process a little better.

Feel free to call or email with any questions you may have as always!

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