Refinish the Hardwood Floors? To Pop or Not to Pop That is the Question!

This week we are going to get deep. What is Popping the Grain? Why should I pop the grain?

Well here is the short answer. Popping the Grain of your wood floors opens the pores. Much like shaving your skin. You can open up the pores of the grain.

The long answer…. during the process of making the hardwood floors the wood can be sanded and compressed many times. This causes the the pores of the grain to close and the the wood to become less porous. By opening the pores, the wood grain is able to receive the stain better.

There are many pros and cons to both popping the grain and not popping the grain. But when push comes to shove, I’d just try both and see what they look like when you are putting down your samples. It will have an effect on the color for sure.

Let me know what questions you have! See you soon!

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