Hardwood Flooring Subfloor…When do you need plywood?

Do I really need plywood for my new hardwood floors? In most cases in Texas the answer is yes! Texas homes are generally poured on a slab foundation. A slab foundation, for those who are not familiar, is a giant slab of concrete 8-12 inches thick. Obviously it would be difficult to nail wood directly into the concrete. So in most cases you will need a sub-floor first.

We use a nice big nail gun to secure the plywood to the slab first. Once that has been secured all around we can install the wood of you choice. We run the plywood in the opposite direction of the wood to strengthen the floor of course.

Now the exception to this rule would be if you already have a plywood sub-floor in your house. For example some houses in Texas are built on a pier and beam foundation which includes a plywood subfloor already. Another exception would be upstairs. Most homes in Texas do not have cement upstairs so we can nail the wood directly to the plywood sub-floor.

It has been a please as always! Let me know what questions you have!

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