Water Damage and Hardwood Flooring

This has been the week of water damage! I’m not sure why but it seems like pipes in Texas are failing left and right lately. With that being said let’s talk about the options you have for water damage.

Make sure you fix the water leak before we do anything to the wood floors!

Your best option is to never let the water get to the wood floor. This is the toughest option because you don’t always see the source of the water. Obviously preventing a slab leak or a leak from a pipe in the wall is difficult. But you can keep the layer of polyurethane in tact. Poly is designed to keep water and debris from reaching the wood. No poly is 100% waterproof but it does its job to ensure the life of the wood.

Your next option is replacement. We would come out to the house and remove the damaged wood floors in your home. After the appropriate amount of time to let everything dry we can install new wood. We would lace in the new wood to the existing wood. Then we could refinish the whole area for the best looking results.

Your last option is to refinish the hardwood floors that have been damaged. The wood floors will never quite be the same. Most people do not realize just how little water it takes to damage wood. We can always try to repair and refinish the damaged area but in almost every case the replace,ent is the best option after the wood has been damaged.

As always feel free to call or email with any questions!

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