3 Colors to Try! Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors!

I get asked a lot “what color would you do if it were your floors?” That’s kind of an unfair question. The hardwood floors in my house are several colors and patterns because I can’t decide on just one! So let’s talk about some trending colors for this season!

Greys/Grays: however you want to spell it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that the lighter colors are taking over right now. There are plenty of gorgeous blends or mixes out there but if you are thinking of refinishing your hardwood this should definitely be a consideration.

Natural: Again sticking with the lighter colors is key in this one as well. Real wood floors can be gorgeous depending on which wood you choose. Sometimes you can just let the wood speak for itself! Another great option for refinishing your hardwood floors!

Ebony: This one is going is the opposite direction as the others but is still a great choice! A darker floor will help hide more imperfections especially when it is handscraped as well. This is a great color and has been a very popular option for many clients with pets or children as well.

See you soon!

Busy Bee Hardwoods!

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