Refinishing your hardwood Floors with Polyurethane… How shiny is too shiny?!

Let’s talk about Polyurethane! This weeks topic will be he finis and how shiny you can get with your wood floors. You have four basic options (just like paint).

1. Matte

2. Satin

3. Semi-Gloss

4. Gloss

Matte finish is the least shiny of all of them and the Gloss is the most. In my experience most people will choose the Satin. That seems to be the most popular as it is just a little shiny and doesn’t over do it.

When we apply the poly to your wood floors we do three different coats of course. We usually do the second coat with the same finish as the final coat so that the homeowner can see their finish. Also, if they decide they don’t like it we have another coat left to change it.

Feel free to inquire with any questions you may have!

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