Hardwood Floors of All Kinds!


New Hardwood Floors in 30 Seconds!


Hardwood Floors getting Laced In!!!


The most masking I’ve ever done with the blue tape!


Smooth Finish Process for Hardwood Floors!


Edging the Frame for this Gorgeous Living Room!


Sanding the Hardwood Floors for Handscraping!


Applying the Polyurethane for the Final Coat!


Flyby of the Handscraping Process on this Large Project in Westlake!


Handscraping With The Grain Of the Hardwood Floors!


Tile Removal on Demo Day….


Handscraping Against the Grain!


Final Coat for this Beautiful Hickory Hardwood!


Heavy Handscraping the Hardwood Floors Against the Grain!


Buffering after the Handscraping is Finished with the Dustless System!


Refinishing your Hardwood Floors?!?!


Changing the Belt on the Beltsander!


Working with the Black Tar today on the Subfloor!


The Dustless System in Action with the Buffer!


Behind the Scenes at Babe’s Chicken House!


Smooth Finish for Hardwood Floors!


Cutting the Plywood for an Installation!


Demolition Upstairs and Installation Downstairs!


Demo Day!!! Tearing Out Damaged Wood Floors!


The Process of Handscraping Hardwood Floors!


Applying the Poly on the Stairs!


Nail Down Hardwood Floor Installation!


Loading up the Trailer!!!


Picking Em Up and Nailing Em Down!